Friday, April 27, 2012

High Five Friday

Whew, this week has been a whirlwind of activity. I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five For Friday.

1. My new Cobalt blue flats. I got them at a fantastic sale in Decatur. I tried them on earlier in the week but didn't buy them. I kept thinking about them so eventually went back and picked them up. I am actually thinking that I will wear them with my dress for the Squadron Ball. I am wearing a white dress I previously wore to Lane's Ring Figure, and think they will be a fun pop of color. 

2. I went through all my old formal dresses to bring with me back to Fort Drum. Some I will keep to wear later, and others I will just donate. It was so fun to travel down memory lane looking at these dresses. 

I look about twelve in this picture but that pink/black/white dress still fits. I wore this to our formal the night before high school graduation. It was a really fun night, and I thought this dress was the coolest thing ever. 

Oh man he was so cute in his high school uniform. 

3. Lane shot expert on his first try getting at least 36 out of 40 targets. They are about to start EIB so I am very very proud of him. 

4. We yet again got dinner from the Whole Foods Salad bar last night. I am pretty sure I could happily eat their salad bar every day. 

5. I am grateful for the chance to see so many people that I love in the last week. However, I am so excited to get back to Lane tomorrow. 


  1. Whole Foods is one of my favorite places to get lunch. So good! Happy Friday! xoxo

  2. I know! I swing by whole foods for lunch a few days a week. I like your dress!


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