Monday, April 9, 2012

Dressing Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I can't believe April is chugging along, and before long May and June will arrive. I am thrilled for the summer to get here, and bring the nicer weather. We also have the squadron ball  in early June. I have never been to an Army Ball, and have begun the process of finding something to wear. I definitely want something more conservative than some of the dresses I wore to formals in high school and college. I don't want to be the scandalously dressed hussy everyone whispers about. Here are some of my inspirations and ideas.

Oh my goodness that skirt
All images from Molly on Pinterest

Amazing movie/book and amazing dress

A.B.S. by Allen Schwartz midnight navy pleated chiffon jeweled strapless gown

Oh my gosh so gorgeous

I am definitely thinking jewel tones, maybe blue or green. I love how comfortable and lovely chiffon is. My wedding dress was entirely chiffon, and I loved it. The green dress from Atonement has always been one of my absolute favorites, and the bottom green dress is a close copy. If I wear anything strapless or with spaghetti straps I will absolutely wear a shawl. 

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