Friday, April 6, 2012

High Five Friday

Happy Friday! I haven't done Lauren's link-up in a while, and thought this would be a good week.


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1. The job fair went really well yesterday. There weren't a huge number of employers there, but I made a few good connections. The most likely job right now is teaching political science at the local community college. I am waiting on one more letter of reference but feel good about my chances. It isn't full time, but would be a great start.

2. We have a move in date for our house. I officially set a date to close out our storage unit. I will be at home for a wedding on the actual date we can move in, so Lane will be alone for a few days in an empty house. I can't wait to unload our lives and finally get settled.

3. In two weeks I am heading to D.C for a few days to hang out with some of my favorite people. I was looking at flights to Atlanta for a wedding, and realized how much cheaper it was to fly from D.C than Syracuse. I get to see this girl for five days:

4. I am officially done being sick. The first half of this week was miserable. I am so grateful to finally feel better.

5. We discovered plantain chips this week. Plantain chips smothered in salsa verde are delicious and dangerously addicting.

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  1. oh em gee... I'm sorry you were sick, but glad you're feeling better! Yayyy for better days!

    And congrats with the move in date! Now the fun begins ;)


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