Saturday, April 7, 2012

Date Night

I love the idea of taking the time to have proper dates even after marriage. Even if it's not dressing up and hitting the town, taking the time to plan something is so much fun. For my birthday Lane planned a quasi- How I Met Your Mother date with dressed up laser tag and a cigar/martini bar. Here are some of my favorite date ideas. Some of these are from my experience, and others just seem like fun.

1. Manly-Man Date 

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I planned out this date for Lane a few years ago while I was still living in Arlington. First,  we went to Ray's the Steaks for amazing steak and the best crab bisque in the D.C area. Then we headed up the road to Whitlows for a few rounds of Big Buck Hunter. I love this game, and it a fun way to get competitive.
What You Need:
1. Good Steak House
2. Find a bar with Big Buck Hunter ( I would recommend going before the crazy bar crowd arrives so there isn't competition for the machines)
3. About ten dollars of quarters.

2. Art House Date 

This is a date that I think would be really fun. You purchase two white canvases from somewhere like Michaels or even Target. Buy paints in a variety of colors. This is where you can pick an idea, or just paint whatever you want. I like the idea of doing abstract self portraits, or even portraits of one another. It is just fun to be creative together. There is no guarantee that you will create a Pollock like the above, but would be a really entertaining way to spend an evening.
What you Need:
1. Two white canvases
2. Variety of paint colors
3. Newspaper to cover the floor or an area that can get messy
4. Creativity!

3. Top Chef Night

This is another stay at home date night. It would probably be best for a couple that already likes to cook, which Lane and I love to do. If you have seen any of those cooking competition shows you get the idea of how this will go. I think this would be even more fun with two couples. One team/person picks out the ingredients and the other has 30 minutes/and hour to make something delicious. Obviously the judging isn't quite the same as hopefully no one starts crying.

Other ideas
1. Reenact your first date
2. Go for a hike
3. Take a cooking class together
4. Go to a pottery glazing place and decorate a plate for each year of marriage.
5.  Go-karts
6. I will always recommend laser tag.
7. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity together. Find your local branch here.
8. Go to an afternoon showing for a movie that 1) Has been out for a while 2) Won't have a ton of people there and 3) You won't be sad to miss parts. Then, proceed to make out through the whole movie. Imagine you are teenagers again. I give this idea with the caveat that it is ONLY appropriate in a practically empty theater and not in front of children.

Anyone else have date suggestions?

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