Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Arlington Fun

I made it safe and sound to Arlington. The road trip was easy and relaxed. I got Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me on audio book and it was perfection. Hilarious stories and a Venti Iced Chai were all I needed to cruise the six hours to Northern Virginia.

 I got more and more excited as the thermometer started to rise. Y'all, 85 degrees has never felt so good in my life. After a few months in the frozen tundra, this warm weather is amazing. 

This warm weather has made me think about swim suit season. I have seen some adorable swim suits that other bloggers have posted, and am definitely inspired. I need to get a one-piece for those times I don't want to be showing too much skin. Events with Lane's unit for example. 

I love this one from Target. 
Mossimo® Womens Ruffled 1-Piece Swimsuit - Black.Opens in a new window

Does anyone else feel like they need to cover up more when they are going to a work related pool/beach/lake event? 


  1. Yes definitely! Super cute bathing suit!!

  2. I loveee Chelsea Handler! I have read "My Horizontal Life" but haven't gotten around to the rest.


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