Tuesday, April 10, 2012

AFTB Classes and Army Reading

Still the best

A few weeks ago I participated in the ACS sponsored Army Family Team Building classes. I thought it would be a really good way to get an introduction to some aspects of the Army that were unknown. I completed levels 1 and 2, which were two days each. According to the Army,

"Army Family Team Building (AFTB) prepares everyone in "America's Army" to function at their highest level. It prepares families for any situation. Knowledge is power, AFTB provides participants with information to help understand the functions of the Army and the soldier's role. AFTB offers the tools to assist in improving the family well-being. Available resource information is also provided, creating a higher level of self-sufficiency in times of separation."

We had a really interesting mix of women in the class. There were a bunch of newly married women like me, but also some more seasoned military spouses. Each section was about an hour and covered topics from etiquette to how to read an LES. I found most of the classes really helpful, especially the traditions and etiquette sections. 
I would definitely recommend the class to anyone wanting to get a better grasp on the Army. They were awesome about making sure we were aware of all available resources on post and in the community. 

I want to read this book. 

The Army Wife Handbook: A Complete Social Guide
I have heard really good things about it, and some of my friends found it really helpful. Before I got married I read everything  I could find about marrying a soldier. Honestly, the ones I found most helpful were not the guides focused on the spouses. I preferred the books focused on the lives of soldiers. While they weren't focused on my role as a spouse, these books gave me a better idea of the Army world as a whole.

This book follows the selection process for Special Forces. While Lane is not SF, I got totally sucked into the story and the soldiers who were trying to pass selection. Dick Couch is an amazing writer and I highly recommend this book as well as The Warrior Elite.

This book was heartbreaking, and I don't recommend reading it in public. It follows the Casualty Notification Officers and the families who lost someone. It is beautifully written and a compelling read. 

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  1. I'll definitely be checking out "chosen soldier." N. is in the Q right now and I always love a good read!


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