Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh Pinterest How I Love Thee

I am going to be totally greedy and do two link-ups today. My usual Pinterest Wednesdays, but also What I'm Loving Wednesday with This Kind of Love


I'm Loving experiences that continually demonstrate the goodness in people. While attempting to get the car off the trailer, it slipped and got stuck. We had other guests at the hotel try to help us, the hotel staff fussing over us, and the wonderful men from the tow company who finally rescued our poor Jetta. I am so grateful for people who go out of their way to help without any obligation. 

I'm Loving the sunshine of the last few days. It was grey and sleeting when we first arrived, but the current sunshine makes everything seem better. 

I'm Loving technology. It allows me to stay in touch with family and friends from this far corner of the country. 

I'm Loving my wonderful husband. I may have burst into tears after putting everything in storage, and he was so kind and sweet to me. I am so grateful for his love and constant support. 

Yay for Wednesday! This whole 'not working right now thing' means that the whole week is my weekend. To everyone who is currently employed: ( I am severely jealous) the week is half way over! This week on Pinterest I have been feeling cold weather fashion. I have very little motivation to put any thought into my clothes, when they are just going to be covered up with a black pea coat. These images are giving me ideas for ways to still be stylish and not get frostbite. As always, I am linking up with The Vintage Apple.

Love the purple scarf via Molly on Pinterest

I need more scarves like this via Molly on Pinterest
Love the coats via Molly on Pinterest 
love the red scarf and sunglasses via Molly on Pinterest
 Love the red gloves
    via Molly on Pinterest

Love this hair via Molly on Pinterest 

cold weather fashion via Molly on Pinterest 
Camel coat, next on my to-buy list via Molly on Pinterest 

bright lips and cozy scarf via Molly on Pinterest
So I clearly need to buy some bright colored accessories. I think that a few bright scarves and some new leather gloves may be in order.  I should also dig my camel coat out of storage. They were part of our uniform in high school, and therefore seriously loathed at the time. However, I think if I looked at it now it might seem more appealing. 


  1. i really like the bright red gloves and purse!

    Trish @ Tales from ... 

  2. Those pictures are so cute! It's hard to feel fashionable in the winter when you have to layer up but I am loving me some scarves right now =)

  3. I love these outfits - I love fall/winter fashion. I'm getting to the point where I'm a bit sad that it's ending soon! Well it's already ended in Florida. (it never begins) haha I swear I belong up north! Great pins!

  4. Chunky knitted scarf in the pic #2 is on my board, and I need it like yesterday!! Glad to see you're getting some inspiration for the burrrr cold!

    It's snowing today so I can use all the scarves and coats you pinned!

  5. I am loving the warmer weather too!

  6. oh all the layers. they are just too beautiful!! i'm always a fan of the red :)
    xo TJ

  7. LOVE the red!

    Stopping by from WILW.

    Jennifer @

  8. wow i love love all the fashions you posted about!! seirously so many cute outfit ideas that i would love to re-create

  9. Aw! What a sweet hubby! And I love all of these outfits!

  10. i love all of these. sadly, it has not gotten cold enough to wear gloves in georgia... and i would look silly in a chunky scarf!

  11. LOVE all of these!! I see you're from GA, so am I! Small world!

    Newest follower-

  12. This is a really cute post :) I'm totally in love with Pinterest right now ...


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