Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goals for 2012


It may be February already, but I still want to put my goals for 2012. I think it is important to keep a record of what you wanted to accomplish in a given year. I can look back on this and gauge how I am doing.

1. Get On a Budget
I find it really hard to stay on budget. It's not that I spend a lot of money, I just don't tend to keep track. I have long accepted that I will spend more on lattes than the normal person. However, I get my hair cut once a year and spend maybe twenty bucks a year on makeup. I think everyone has their indulgences, and as long as one is responsible it is ok. My income has changed dramatically this year ( both up and down). I hope that 2012 comes with a more stable income. I also want to make a significant dent in paying off my student loans.

2. Work Out
Yes, the golden standard of new year's resolutions. I have gone through periods of working out fanatically, and always feel better. When I was studying abroad in England I joined the rowing team and was working out almost every day. If anyone ever needs a cardio alternative, I HIGHLY recommend the rowing machines. You get an amazing workout in like twenty minutes. My husband is into crossfit, so that may be something I will try.
oxford rowing crews 517203 lw

3. Short Term Goals
February- Get housing sorted out. It seems like there should be available housing when we get up there, but that is no guarantee.
March- I want to be entirely unpacked and moved in by the end of March. This also includes finding the furniture we need to finish decorating our house.
April- I want to focus on meeting people and getting involved in volunteer opportunities.
May- I want to be employed by May. I have been applying to all sorts of jobs up in New York, and I am hoping and praying that something will come through.

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