Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today I am heading home to Atlanta before driving up to Northern Virginia. We have been borrowing my in-law's car and this is the easiest way to return it before the big move. So I am driving to Virginia and flying back home. I am also braving the DMV to officially change my name on my license. I am hoping that my nook e-reader and a couple hundred deep breaths will get me through.

Interstate 81 signs
I have done this drive countless times. I have my certain Starbucks ( yeah Gaffney, South Carolina) I have a soft spot for I-81. During college I would spend the last hour and a half of my drive to VMI on this highway. When I got on 81 it meant that I was only a few hours away from seeing then boyfriend now husband. Yeah this is probably a silly thing to be sentimental about.

The best part of this trip, besides seeing my in-laws, is that I will be only a short drive from Arlington and D.C. This is where I went to graduate school and where some of my best friends still live. I am thinking drinks in Arlington will be the perfect remedy to all day in the DMV.

Jefferson Memorial, D.C.

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