Monday, February 20, 2012

Le Weekend

Last weekend in Columbus! I had a blast all weekend. Friday was the only day without rain, so we decided to rent bikes and bike along the River Walk. We rode down to the Infantry Museum which was really fun. Silly Molly didn't eat before hand, so around mile 17 I started to get a little woozy. I also get belligerent and illogical when I am really tired. Lane had to convince me that biking four blocks would result in food faster than walking. Poor Guy.

Saturday was terrible weather. I know that Virginia got hit with a ton of snow, but we just got rain down here. We went on a Redbox moving renting spree. We watched The Debt, Warrior, and Midnight in Paris. All three were great, but Midnight in Paris was by far my favorite.
Sunday we went to the shooting range with some friends. Lane took a video of me shooting, which I think he plans to horrify my strictly anti-gun mother with this week. Last night in Columbus tonight, tomorrow we are off to Atlanta before we start the drive north. 

I am so excited every time I get new followers, so thank you dearly to everyone who started following. 


  1. HELLLLLLOOOO blue skies!! Glad you got to see some sunshine this weekend!

  2. i just recently watched midnight in paris too. definitely a great and different movie. i love that it wasn't predictable!!
    xo TJ


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