Monday, February 27, 2012

Being Elmo


We have been alternating between trying to set up our lives in New York and hiding out in our hotel. The weather has been pretty nice, but the 25 degrees is a bit difficult to get used to. As a result, we have watched a good number of movies. My current favorite is a documentary called Being Elmo. It is about the puppeteer behind the character of Elmo. It is such a sweet story, and made me reminisce about watching Sesame Street as a kid. It is available on Netflix watch instantly, and you should go watch it immediately. 


PCS progress has been made. Our belongings are safely in storage, although I managed to gets the world's largest paper cut in the process. The housing situation is still making me a little nervous. We haven't found somewhere to stay for the entirety of March, and the idea of bouncing around from place to place is unappealing. We are pretty high on the wait list, so the chances of getting a house on post are pretty good. The goals for tomorrow are to 1) Go visit the civilian job office 2) Return the truck 3) Get an oil change in the Subaru.

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