Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Loves

I am so excited for the weekend. Last week was my last at work so this whole week has been like the weekend. However, Lane has a four day weekend so now at least I have company. I am linking up with From My Grey Desk for High Five Friday.

So here are five of my favorite things from this week.

1. All of our pcs paperwork has been turned in with very few problems. We get his leave form back on Tuesday morning, he signs out on Wednesday and we are headed north. I am so thankful that this process has gone smoothly. Lane has been completely on top of things and all I've had to do is pack.


2. This is more looking forward to this weekend, but I am so psyched for Downton Abbey on Sunday. I am obsessed with this show. I had a wonderful Monday morning this week of making pancakes and watching Sunday's episode while Lane was at work.

The song starts at :31 Source

3. Steven Tyler and Carrie Underwood's Duet on CMT's Crossroads. I love both of these songs, and they were awesome together.

4. My incredible birthday present from Lane. A print of Jasper John's America . I am in love and it will look amazing once we hang it up.
Paleo carrot muffins. These are incredible

5. And finally the carrot muffins I made for Lane and I to snack on last night. They are gluten and sugar free but still amazing.

Worst part of this week? After one year of having the most gorgeous license picture in my entire life, I got my new license in the mail. Hello puffy face and weird hair.

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