Sunday, February 12, 2012


I knew Lane had something planned for my birthday, but I was kept strictly in the dark about his plans. He told me to "Suit Up" and that the evening would have three parts.
Laser Tag!! - how-i-met-your-mother photo

In a fantastic turn of events, the first part of the evening was laser tag, but suited-up laser tag. We had several little girls ask us if we just came from prom. I love How I Met Your Mother so this was perfect for me. I was very happy running around like a ten-year old.

We went to Osaka for dinner, which I think is the best sushi place in Columbus. The third stop of our evening was Belloos Martini and Cigar Bar.
They had a great band and very tasty drinks. The boys all had cigars and I got a little tipsy. I tried a "Blue Motorcycle" for the first time, and can only say that it just tastes like the color blue. 

Lane did exceptionally well for my birthday gift. We went to the High Museum a few weeks ago and saw some of Jasper John's paintings. I loved them, and mentioned in passing it would be cool to get a print. We now have a gorgeous mounted print of Jasper John's "America 1961" 

I can't wait to hang it up. It is just getting packed for now ( along with everything else we own). I think we are in the stretch of our time in Columbus. The truck has been reserved, we are getting boxes today and saying our good-byes. 

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