Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

Hello Wednesday. Yesterday was my first day of training for work and it was wonderful. I have two more days of training and then shadowing for a few days too. However, in celebration of my new job today's Pinterest theme is dream-life. I am linking up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple . These are all the things I would buy and do if I made millions and millions of dollars. 

quilted flats, Chanel.
Molly's Looks I Love Board on Pinterest
I love these Chanel flats. I tend to destroy my shoes so these may not be the best idea for me. However, they are gorgeous and would look amazing with anything. 

Kate is wearing a McQueen dress
Molly's Looks I Love Board on Pinterest
Oh Kate. I love this McQueen dress. She looks amazing and the hat is incredible. 

New Zealand

New Zealand looks incredible. I have wanted to visit here every since I had a few hours layover on my way to Australia. We didn't venture too far from the Airport, but everything I saw made me want to go back. If I had unlimited funds, this is the first place we would go. 

plum pretty sugar robe
Molly's Looks I Love Board on Pinterest
I have been obsessed with Plum Pretty Sugar robes since I was in the midst of wedding planning. I desperately wanted to get them for bridesmaid gifts, but it just ended up being a little too pricey. They are so gorgeous and would a prettier alternative to the Army PT shirt I tend to wear. 

istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey
Molly's In the Future Board on Pinterest
I am fascinated with Istanbul. I think it would be such an amazing city to visit and explore. I have spent a decent amount of time in Western Europe, but never been to Turkey. I definitely want to visit one day. 

Molly's Looks I Love Board on Pinterest
Oh Chanel. I have a Chanel clutch that I bought as a graduation present to myself. It's not the same as the chain bags though. This may be a "paid-off-my student loans" present. 

Oh Louboutin
Molly's Looks I Love Board on Pinterest
There is something about the red sole on a pair of Louboutins. They are sexy, chic, and immediately make people ( or least other women who know shoes) notice you. 

Love this huge closet
Molly's In the Future Board on Pinteres
So no dream-life list is complete without a closet like this. I would have to have all this space and perfect organization. 

What would y'all do if you suddenly had unlimited money? 


  1. those flats are gorgeous!! and seriously, can kate middleton do no wrong?!
    xo TJ

  2. O my goodness, your pins are amazing! I absolutely love those Chanel flats, and Kate Middleton is gorgeous! That outfit and hat are incredible!! I am definitely heading to Pinterest to follow you!
    PS: Can I have that closet please!?

  3. Glad your first day went wonderful!!

    I second all of those pins! Love them all :)

  4. love your shoe picks and that silky floral robe.


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