Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I Need A Pintervention

Well Hello Wednesday. 
I haven't linked up with Jaime in a few weeks, but I am loving so many things this week.

I Am Loving our sweet puppy Asha. She has so rapidly become such an important part of my life. I love having her run to the door when I get home. She follows me around the house while I clean and is napping by the couch while I write this. She is learning so quickly and makes leaps and bounds every day. We are currently working on house training, and trying to learn that her reflection is not another dog who needs to be investigated. She almost knocked over my floor-length mirror in her conviction that there was another dog in the room.

I Am Loving that I started working. I really like the advising office, and have hopefully helped some students figure out their class schedules.

I Am Loving that Lane's aunt and uncle came for a visit on Sunday. It was so good to see family and take them to the fabulous Tin Pan Galley in Sacket's Harbor.

I Am Loving that my DIY projects have been going so well. I love how my pallet wall art turned out, and have started painting my tray. It is nice to see my finished projects around our house.

I am also inking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting. 

I usually have a theme, but today is going to strictly be the last few things which I have pinned. 

Paleo "oatmeal" raisin cookies
Molly's Food to Make Board on Pinterest
These are faux oatmeal raisin cookies. It is a Paleo recipe which uses almond flour and other tasty ingredients. I have been on a Paleo baking spree, and I think these are next on my list. 

Gorgeous shot
Molly's Lovely Board on Pinterest
I love this shot. I love her dress, and of course the uniform. Taking engagement pictures was such a fun day, and I find myself wanting to do another session. 

Cream McQueen for Garter Day
Molly's Looks I Love Board

Kate's Outfit for Camping
Molly's Looks I Love Board

I love these two looks from Kate. Honestly, I almost like the casual one more than the super formal white dress. She has such timeless style, and wears item that I would never even consider. She is perfection pretty much all the time. 

embroider a constellation
Molly's DIY Board on Pinterest

I think this is such a cool needle-point. I have the big and little dipper tattooed on my feet so this is right up my alley. I don't think I would embroider all of these but I like the idea of doing one or two constellations. 

Christmas Cards
Molly's Christmas Board on Pinterest
So I may have already started thinking about our Christmas Cards. I know it is ridiculous but I love sending cards. I love getting Christmas cards and displaying them in a fun way. We will probably take pictures for the cards in October/ November so it's not completely ridiculous to start planning right?

Love this
Molly's Looks I Love on Pinterest
I love this simple classic look. I have been really into button downs, and love how they look tucked into jeans.

Hope everyone is having a lovely week. I plan to round mine out with lots of walks with Asha, finishing my DIY tray, and a few short shifts at work. 


  1. Kate Middleton always looks gorgeous, dressed up or dressed down. I saw a really cute picture of her the otherday (wearing something similar to her casual look here, but with a belt) and she looked stunning. My version of casual definitely ain't that cute!*

  2. I love that I am not the only one obsessed with Christmas cards and the perfect picture and outfits and all that! I may or may not have already gotten outfits for my kids to wear ... oh my - now I can scan Pinterest for some inspiration :) Stopping by from WILW!


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