Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Chance to Vote Three Times a Day

happy looooong weekend
We had a great weekend full of friends, food and time together. There was another Hail and Farewell on Friday night. This one was particularly long because a significant number of senior leadership is changing out. There was such a difference between our first Hail and Farewell and Friday night. We knew loads more people and felt much more comfortable in the unit. 

Saturday was miserable weather. Lane had a rugby game on Saturday morning, which I went to watch. I froze my butt off but they won so it was all worth it. I haven't seen him play in years and have forgotten most of the rules.We wanted to escape the weather and went to see Snow White and the Huntsmen. 

I had mixed feelings about this movie. The special effects were gorgeous, but the story tried to accomplish way too much. It got a little bogged down and went really slowly at some points. It was a nice way to avoid the weather, but not my favorite  movie I've seen recently.

The weather was amazing on Sunday. We made tea/coffee and walked around all the yard sales happening in our neighborhood. This weekend was the Post-Wide yard sale and we got a few things. I feel like a real New Yorker because we bought a snow shovel. Our neighbors are moving back down south so they sold us a snow shovel for $1.00. 
We also made a trip out to Beartown Farms for grass fed beef. I re-watched Food Inc. yesterday and it reaffirmed our commitment to buying local meat.  Grass fed local beef is only a little bit more expensive than conventional meat. However, after reading about what goes into the massive factory farms it is worth it to us. The movie talks about how you get a chance to vote on food preferences every time you shop. That really resonated with me. It might be more expensive now, but if no one is willing to pay the extra these farms will disappear.  

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I am excited for the week ahead. I have my last day of training and an interview on Wednesday. I hope to finally post some of the DIY's I have been working on. 

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