Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New House Ideas On Pinterest

Hello Wednesday. I have an interview this morning and (hopefully) having a relaxing afternoon. I have been on another house decorating spree. It definitely shows on my Pinterest Boards. I am linking-up with Michelle over at The Vintage Apple for Oh How Pinteresting.

Anthropologie knock-off zinc letters. I love the idea of making E A T and hanging them in the kitchen. I have a bunch of gold spray paint left over, so I may try that first over the black paint. I think the tacks in the corners is such a great touch. 

Welcome to our home: DIY (Scrabble Word Art)
Molly's DIY Board on Pinterest
Oh scrabble how I love thee. 

I am in love with this kitchen. I always have bowls of fruit and veggies around the kitchen. I really want to get a bunch of lavender to put in the kitchen as well. 

I love this kitchen
Molly's New House Board on Pinterest
I always find myself pinning these gorgeous perfectly organized kitchens on pinterest. However, my kitchen will never look like those in a million years. I am cooking and baking constantly. I love this look so much more. It actually seems like someone uses this kitchen. I know the houses that look freakishly perfect are nice, but I think that Pinterest may be giving us unrealistic expectations. I love that the coffee maker is out and it looks like they actually cook things. I don't want a house that looks like a design museum. I want it to look like people LIVE in it. 

Make the change jar a decoration.
Molly's Great Styling Board on Pinterest
I have been trying to do something like this in one of our LOVE mugs. But it isn't quite bit enough. I like how this is useful and still stylish. 

This is so gorgeous, and would be totally feasible with my existing furniture. We have a dark leather couch and I love that coffee table. 

Molly's New House Board on Pinterest
I love the symmetry in this display. I am going to get some big white frames on our next Ikea trip. I love the look of larger matting.

I hope that the torrential rain currently covering the North Country goes away before this weekend. I am excited to move forward with my job and get more house projects finished. 


  1. I'm loving that scrabble board and the change jar/keys pin!

  2. the scrabble board is sooo cute!


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