Thursday, June 28, 2012


This week the whole post has been involved in Mountainfest. There are all sorts of activities and competitions. Lane was involved in the Combatives tournament and made it through the first two rounds. He managed to destroy his back, and majorly scrape up his face.

This leads to: 


And This 

That aspect of Mountainfest is over but the next part is even more fun. Jake Owen is coming to perform tonight in a free concert on post. I am so excited because I haven't ever seen him perform live. 

Jake Owen <3
I LOVE country concerts, and can't wait for tonight. There is also going to be a huge fireworks show afterward. 


  1. Combatives = ouchie! I'm sure the soldiers take it super seriously. I wouldn't want to go up against one of them! I hope your husband is on the mend.*

  2. Hope you have SO much fun at the concert!


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