Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diamond Jubilee

I loved seeing all of the celebrations surrounding Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. Here are some of my favorite British themed finds with pictures from the weekend's events. 

It would have been amazing to see the hundreds of boats float down the river together. 

Pinned Image
I think my couch needs this pillow. 

Even Google got in on the celebrations 

Iconic Hunter Wellies. They are already about as British as you can get, but the addition of the Union Jack is  awesome. 


I love the American flag, but I think the Union Jack's relative symmetry looks awesome painted on furniture. 

The Queen and Duchess. I loved Kate's red Alexander McQueen dress. 

Hello boys.

I have a special fondness for Great Britain. Lane went to school in Scotland for a year, and I loved visiting him. I studied abroad in Oxford for a semester and can't wait to get back. I have been trying to convince Lane that he should try to get his Masters at Oxford. I would be ecstatic to live in Oxford for another few years. Who wouldn't want to live here?

Radcliffe Camera in Oxford
Love Oxford more than almost any other place

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