Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Happy Friday

Whew this week just flew by. Last week was such a blur because of the four day weekend, and this week was pretty busy too. As always I am linking up with the fabulous Lauren over at From My Grey Desk.

1. I started working! I think angels are bursting into song while unicorns dance around strawberry fields. Y'all, I cannot explain how good it feels to actually have a job. Yes, I am only in training right now. However, all of my grownup office clothes can finally come out of hibernation. Oh and the getting paid is nice too. I have one more session of training, two days of shadowing and then I am off to advise the students of Northern New York on their class schedules.

2. Lane made me paleo hot chocolate last night and I had it in my favorite mug. It has almond milk, unsweetened coco powder, honey, and cinnamon. I am obsessed with this mug. We have matching Shakespearean insults and love quotes. Here are some of my other favorites from The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild . Some of them change when you add hot water. I love how the the losing side on the Supreme Court case mug vanishes. 

Presidential Slogan MugDisappearing TARDIS Mug
Great Supreme Court Cases Mug

3. This picture made me giggle all afternoon. I had no idea that husky-corgi mixes even existed, but they are adorable. I fell in love with a husky-beagle mix, but he didn't look quite as comical as this. T-1 day till we may be dog owners.

4. My fitness goals have definitely been a big part of my life for the past few weeks. This week I managed 13 full Lane-approved push ups. I also was able to get my hand flat on the ground during triangle pose. 

Meaning This 

Instead of This 
          My dead-lifts at 105 are still rocking on too. Soon I will be over 100 on bench press, squat and dead lift. To all the women who freak out about getting bulky: I have lost serious inches off my arms and shoulders since I started. I love feeling stronger each week and marking my progress. I took before pictures, and we chose July 31st as the next picture date. I have no idea if I will post the pictures ( maybe if I can see enough improvement). 

5. Getting to wear my office clothes was such a nice change of pace. I am normally a pretty formal dresser, but actually breaking out my suit skirts was fantastic. I felt like more of my old self. I may actually do a few outfit posts if I can make my finicky camera cooperate.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend full of good food and friends. I am going to watch Lane play rugby, go hiking, and hopefully finish my pallet-diy.

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