Thursday, June 7, 2012

Catch Up

Today I am going to forgo all the pretty pictures and do a bit of a life catch up. It has been a little busier than normal around here, which is a welcome change. I started training to be an adviser at the local community college. I am also scheduled to teach two classes there in the fall. The struggle I am in now is that there is another job possibility which could  prevent me from teaching. I applied for a Veteran's Affairs position and got a call back for an interview two days later. Great feeling right? The only problem is that I found out the pay is WAY less than I thought it was. It would be almost the same amount of money to teach/advise part time as it would to work there full time. I think the job would be a good fit, and I am terrified to turn anything down in this terrible economy. I have my interview next week and will hopefully have more clarity after that. 

husky puppy
via, Can I just take this guy home?
Operation We-Want-A-Dog is in full effect. We went back to the SPCA to look at a dog I fell in love with last week. He had already been adopted, but we saw another dog that we both really liked. She isn't available till this weekend but I may go back and see her again today. Hopefully, this weekend we will be a dog-owning family. 

dog kisses
via Kisses 
For all my dog owner readers, what were the few days after you brought your dog home like? We have been reading everything we can find, but I would love to hear about y'all's experience too. 


  1. My dog was a little bitty puppy when we brought him home. He would cry at night until we got a kennel and started crate training him. (The first night, I slept on the floor with him, so he wouldn't cry.) I remember lots of poo on the floor! Haha! but also lots of playing and laughter.*

  2. my hubby and I have been doing dog research for when he gets back! he really wants one that he can train to run with us. :)


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