Monday, June 25, 2012

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Teething Puppy
Not My Picture, But Asha Will Also Go For Shoes
Whoo hoo I am back from the land of no computers. Although Asha already tried to chew this current power cord. Apparently puppies teeth like babies. She has more teeth breaking through her gums, which apparently makes her more eager to chew on stuff. I looked up loads of remedies, and the current winner is soaking and then freezing a rag soaked in chicken stock. I make my own stock whenever I make a roast chicken, so I have loads and loads of stock.  If anyone has a recommendation for a teething puppy, I would love to hear all suggestions. 

This weekend was pretty relaxing. We helped our friends move on Saturday and Asha got to play with their two Great Danes. I was really nervous that she would be scared since they are so huge. However, she played perfectly happy with them for two hours. She was exhausted when we got home, and behaved better than she has in days.

I barely cooked this weekend because Lane had to cut weight for a Combatives Tournament. I ate scrambled eggs and raspberry smoothies all weekend. The smoothies have been my recent go-to breakfast. I blend a handful of raspberries with a few strawberries, one banana, and a cup of almond milk. It is delicious! 
raspberry but smoothie ;-)
Lane and I have been taking a hard look at our spending habits. We are starting the Dave Ramsey debt program, and really hope to pay everything off in two years. We are also going to try the envelope method for groceries and entertainment. Have any of y'all tried this method? 


  1. We decided to buckle down on budgeting when we went to one income, when we PCSed to GA.

    We do a cash envelope with tabs for grocery/household, eating out, alcohol, vehicle and then we each get an allotment for personal money. We've been using this system for about 4/5 months. I take out cash 2x per month (1st and the 15th). When the cash is gone, we can't spend in those categories anymore.

    We use our debit card for things like gas, baby purchases and pet purchases (the latter two have their own savings account that we transfer money out of into checking when we make a purchase for them). Unless it's an emergency, if the money isn't in their account, we can't buy it.

    Bills (cell phones, insurance, student loan payments) and savings allotments are on auto-draft from our checking account.

    It all falls under one big budget spreadsheet in Excel that we update and adjust whenever we get a pay raise. Every monthly penny is accounted for. So far, it's really been working for us! Good luck to you guys paying off that debt!!!

  2. I've been using an envelope for our grocery budget each week and I love it!

  3. An exhausted dog is a well behaved dog! No doubt about it!

    My husband and I are big proponents of Dave Ramsey. We don't use envelopes or cash (I find that I actually spend more when I have cash), but the debt snowball has helped us eliminate so much debt and build up our savings. We are in a much better place now financially than before Ramsey. He's the way to go. I also started using an app from It links up to your bank account so you can see where you are spending money. It also sends you alerts if you go over in a certain category and you can set a budget. It's really easy to use and very cool.*


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