Thursday, June 14, 2012

More Baking Adventures

I have been on a baking spree this week. I saw a recipe on Pinterest for raspberry macaroons, and knew I wanted to create a Paleo version. 
fresh rasberry coconut macaroons.
Original Recipe
I simply left out the sugar and added two tablespoons of honey instead. They were really delicious, although did not look as nice as the pictures from the original website. Mine had a solid pink color all the way through, instead of the marbling of pink and white. 

I made mine in a muffin tin because I don't have the right kind of baking tray. This worked really well. They were delicious without the sugar. I highly recommend substituting honey for white sugar if you try this recipe. 

I also made banana bread using this recipe. I made two substitutions; maple syrup instead of honey and coconut oil instead of palm oil shortening. 

It was outrageously good. I actually like this better than normal banana bread. The middle got a little dense, but I've always had the same problem when I made regular banana bread. The macaroons were the perfect dessert, but I had the banana bread for breakfast today. It has a ton of almond flour, so I probably will only make this once a month if that. Almond flour is too pricey to make this an all the time kind of food. 

Even though these are paleo, I still consider them desserts and eat them sparingly. The banana bread doesn't have much sugar in it ( 1 tablespoon of maple syrup) but we try to limit our almond flour intake too. 

Two food posts in one week! I know this isn't a food-blog, but cooking is a huge part of my life. I love finding ways to adapt regular recipes to the paleo requirements. 


  1. I have never eaten macaroons before, but I would love to try those! They look so good!*

  2. These look delicious! I must try it!


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