Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I Have Been DIY-ing

I have been working on some wonderful DIY projects that I am really excited to share with y'all today.

Firstly, here is the start to my fall decor. I made this little Fall banner using burlap left over from the wedding and embroidery thread. I traced out leaves and colored them using fall colors like orange, yellow and red. I just slipped those into some left over Ikea frames (also from the wedding). I wrapped some more thread around a white candle in order to coordinate with the banner. I plan on getting some fall colored candles for the white candlesticks. The burlap frame was super easy to make. I had a mat left over from an old picture frame. I simply hot glued pieces of burlap to the matting. I really like how this turned out. I don't know if I will put something in the frame or just leave it as is.

These are the from the free printable I posted about a few weeks ago. Find it here if you want to grab your own. Lane and I had a cheap date coloring these in. It took me another two weeks to find matching frames I liked. The on-post thrift store had these for $1.00 and I snatched them up. I love how they turned out. I am still going with a His and Hers theme for the bathroom. I have our Mr. and Mrs. signs. I also made silhouettes, but they still need to be framed. 

I have a few more in progress. I have started to turn my Ikea side table into an ottoman. I have the fabric and foam but forgot to get batting. That is one of my projects for this weekend.I am also in the process of turning an old side table into a desk. This has been a really time consuming project, but I will hopefully post an update next week.


  1. Cute stuff! Really love that burlap bunting!! Sounds like you have been busy girl!

  2. DUH to me... I obvi responded to your comment before catching up on your blog! I LOVE the burlap theme you got going on! My fave being the FALL flag!

    And I cannot wait to see the table transformations you're working on!

  3. How stinkin' cute is your house?! Love all the cute crafts!


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