Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thoughts During Zumba

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I have been going to Zumba on and off for a few months now. It isn't the most intense workout, but I have a good time and get to spend time with a few other girls. I've noticed a pattern at the beginning of each class. There are groups of women who have been doing Zumba forever and know the routines forward and backward. Then there are the people like me who have a vague idea of what I am doing. The last group is the new people. Sometimes I see them get so frustrated with not knowing the routines that they leave class. 

You have to be ok with looking silly in order to get good at something. 

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I wish that it was more acceptable in our world to look ridiculous. We expect that we will be good at everything immediately, and get exasperated when we don't. Those women don't realize that if they just stuck it out for a few classes, they would learn too. I think I am pretty ok with looking ridiculous. In high school someone told me about the rule of three months. If a stranger wouldn't remember your silly action in three months, then it really isn't a big deal. 

There are plenty of times I get stuff totally turned around in Zumba and in life. I just try to keep on trucking and know that I will get better. When I first started weight training I could barely lift the bar. I cried in the gym at least once a week. I have improved so much in just a few months. I derive so much confidence from my improvement in the gym. 

Improvement comes with time and dedication. 

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  1. omg i love zumba for this reason.. you can be cray cray and silly and nobody cares b/c they feel the same way!!! once you get the basic moves down, you can pretty much fly through any song... sounds like a great time you've been having. I surely enjoy my zumba classes!!


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