Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Deployment Prep

In the coming months I will probably start blogging more about my husband's upcoming deployment. Obviously I can't give tons of details, but it will be an increasingly dominant part of my life. I have already started to think about what I want to accomplish while he is gone. I know that having goals and plans will help make the time go faster. I also view this deployment as the chance to be a little more selfish. As much as long distance sucked during college, it was sometimes nice to have an entire afternoon to browse Crate and Barrel and drink latte's at Barnes and Noble. I want to make sure that I am giving myself a little extra TLC. Here are some of the goals I have already set to accomplish while he is gone. 

1. Achieve my work out goals. 
A) Five pull-ups with no assistance
B) Dead lift my own body weight for 5 sets of 5 
C) Get to the point where I feel comfortable jogging in just a sports bra 

2. Frame:
A) Diplomas ( VMI, UGA and Georgetown) 
B) Wedding Guest Signature Print 

3. DIY projects 
A) Bench for the foot of our bed 
B) Desk for my side of the office 
C) Buy sewing machine and make throw pillows for living room 

Anyone else have projects that helped pass the time during deployment? I am already planning a massive road trip for the whole month of June. I can't wait to make stops all over the east coast to visit friends and family. I know the amount of time will be the same whether I am super busy or spend my time moping around. I ready to face this thing with a full To-Do list and positive outlook. 

This is what I don't want: 
I understand that this attitude prevails concerning deployments in the Army. However, my life is not entirely centered on my husband. I have interests and friends which are entirely separate from him. I think this attitude is dangerous and sets you up to be miserable for however long he is gone. If you don't even consider the possibility that you could be happy, you won't. There will be days where I am sad. There will be days where I stare at my phone and pray for a call. However, I am going into this as positive and motivated as possible. It doesn't do anyone any good for me to put my life on hold for a year. A perpetually depressed Molly isn't helpful to Lane, the soldiers I serve at work, or my friends and family. 

I am ready to kick this deployment's ass. 


  1. I'm getting ready to go through a deployment too...like soon!

  2. you are awesome!! love your attitude. and your goals. i am totally stealing the pull-ups goal, so good. i read an article about a family who invited someone different for dinner each week while their dad was deployed. it was a mom with three younger children and their guests ranged from neighbors to senators to their teachers. there might be a way to tweak that into something fun to look forward to each week? :) i have no doubt you will kick this deployment's ass!

  3. You are smart to set goals. Staying busy was a huge help for me. That and leaning on virtual friends (since I knew no other military spouses at the time). All you can do is try to make the best of it. Deployment is hard, but you are a tough cookie, you'll be ok.*


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