Monday, August 20, 2012

Lack of Inspiration

I have been slacking in the blogging department. I actually have three unpublished posts, but when I go to hit "Publish" I suddenly hate everything I wrote. This 

This weekend was a good mix of lazy and social. We headed out to Clayton, NY on Saturday morning and walked along the water. I was surprised how busy this little town was. There were some gorgeous views and a great coffee shop. I like Starbucks, but it is nice to find an independently owned coffee shop every once in a while. We went to my friend's husband's promotion part on Saturday evening. I met a bunch of new people from the neighborhood which was great. I am trying to find as many women as possible who are staying through the upcoming deployment. 

Ah deployment. After all the rumors and speculation we finally have more details. We also have our first scheduled pre-deployment briefing next month. Oh joy. 

I drank maybe one cup of soda on Saturday and my stomach was wrecked on Sunday. I used to drink it by the gallon, but in the last two years I have cut down to basically none. I spent yesterday drinking tea on the couch and whining to Lane. 

So in the hope that blogging inspiration will strike this week; here is the inspiration for my next DIY project. I have been on such a gold/white/blue kick recently and this desk is basically perfection. I picked up a old table that someone put on the curb. It needs some work but I think it is going to be a perfect desk until I find something larger. 

White, Gold and Blue


  1. that gold looks SO good with navy blue!! can't wait to see what you do girlie!

    and hey... not drinking soda is a GREAT thing. So maybe your upset tummy was a reminder of why you DON'T drink it!

    xoxo, Bev

  2. that's good that you are meeting battle buddies for the upcoming deployment! that will really help you.


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