Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pinterest Finds

It seems like years since I have linked up with Michelle for Oh, How Pinteresting over at The Vintage Apple.

This week I am all about Home Decor. I have made some progress with my own house, and all these pins give me the inspiration going forward. 

Pinned Image
Molly's New House Board on Pinterest
I have no idea why I have been so into pink this week. We have very little pink in our house, but I have been loving it this week. I think this lamp is so cool, and looks gorgeous with the painting.

Love this styling
Molly's Great Styling Board on Pinterest
This styling is gorgeous. The touches of gold are lovely, and that lamp is do die for. The stacks of books are one of my favorite decorating touches. 

entry way
Molly's New House Board on Pinterest
I love the styling of this entry way. The clear candle sticks and mirror are gorgeous. I also love the basket for holding blankets. I have still been trying to figure out blanket storage for our living room. I have seen some people use ladders. I really like baskets though.

I have that same Chanel book and an antler, may have to replicate
Molly's Great Styling Board on Pinterest
I love stacks of books for coffee tables and shelves. I happen to have that exact Chanel book and an antler so I could replicate this look.

I have been trying to figure out what kind of wreath I want for this summer. I have a 40% off coupon from Michaels burning a hole in my pocket and I think this may be my next project. However, I am not sure how a lavender wreath is going to look with my yellow house.  

And for something sweet, I am making these tonight. 

I LOVE macaroons and the recipe for these is paleo- friendly. They use honey for a sweetener, which is ok in moderation. I have been on a cooking roll and made my favorite carrot muffins on Monday. There are some great recipes that allow me to have my favorite treats without the sugar and flour. 

How amazing would this be for a bridal shower or just a fun celebration. It wound't be too expensive and looks gorgeous.

the kind of feeling
Molly's Lovely Board on Pinterest
And to end, a sentimental thought about your one true love. I hope everyone has this kind of feeling. 


  1. I LOVE that entryway! So beautiful and simple!

  2. I love the Rothko inspired painting, and the beautiful wreath!!!

  3. First off- CONGRATS on your house!!! How did I miss you moving in?!?!

    That pineapple lamp... TO DIE FOR!!! I'm pinning it now! I can't believe how cute that is!!

    Annnnnnd I love those flowered ice cubes. totally adds pizazz for a bridal shower/wedding or just cause!!

  4. I love that last quote. Especially as an aspiring author...I'm always trying to capture those fabulous emotions in my writing! :)

  5. That entry way is gorgeous!

    I found your blog through the link up! Stop by my blog and check it out if you would like :) xoxo

  6. i love the image of the hunter boots and mirror. gorgeous!!!
    xo TJ


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