Saturday, May 19, 2012

How's It Hanging?

I have been trying to get more stuff hung up in our house. To me, hanging pictures has always been a sign that where you are is permanent. Yes we will be moving again in three years, but I will take what I can get. Here are a few pictures to give you an update. 

This is in the corner of our living room. The frames are from Ikea and I hung a few different pieces. 

One side has a picture of Lane and I from our high school graduation, a painting I bought in Italy and a cross stitch I made. 

Painting from Florence, Italy. 

The other side has another cross stitch, a picture of Lane and I from the wedding, and a second graduation picture. 

I love these pictures of Lane and I from graduation. We were no where near each other during the ceremony. My godmother took these pictures right after we found each other. I really like how the cross stitch and the graduation pictures mirror each other. The colors in the Florence painting match my Jasper John's print perfectly. 

One of my favorite wedding presents. I have talked about this painting about a million times, but it looks gorgeous in our dining room. 

Here is the start of a little gallery wall on our stairs. I don't know why they look slightly crooked, but I promise they are straight. It has my burlap/ key DIY, a wrought iron P, a mirror, and pressed Queen Anne's Lace. 

I love this photo series. This is from almost the end of our reception, and depicts Lane offering me a cigar. It looks kind of like those middle school posters where the evil drug dealer offers the poor naive kid a joint, but in a good way. My godmother is in the background, and you can see her shocked reaction when I take a puff on the cigar. This is at the very top of our stairs. 

I have a bunch more stuff to hang up, and will have even more once I go on a big framing spree. I am in the midst of a DIY framed chalkboard which I will post about next week. This is my inspiration to give you an idea of what I am going for: 

Gold Chalkboard Frame

I gotta tell you, chalkboard spray paint is nearly impossible to get out from under your nails. Happy weekend to all! 


  1. Love how you've grouped the frames together! I have hodge-podge ways of hanging things, so I'm always excited to see what other people do. The nice thing about moving every so often is that you can recreate new things all the time! :)

  2. I LOVE the frames with the P. Adorable!


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