Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's Not Easy Being Green

Today is one of those days where I woke up tired and it hasn't gotten any better. I have a terrible habit of not eating enough during the first part of the day and then I am starving by dinner. I have been trying to work on it, but sleeping-in is so much more appealing than making breakfast. 

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Today's ( or really tonight's) post is about my one (or two) area (s) in which I cannot go totally eco-friendly. Most of the time, Lane and I are really good. We use reusable bags and buy local when we can. However, I run my dishwasher way more than is good for the environment. I hate washing dishes and it is so much easier to load it up and let it run. We cook constantly, so I usually have a semi-full dishwasher. There are nights though, when I just throw in my cutting boards or stove burners so I don't feel so guilty about the half-full dishwasher. 
Recycle!  Recycle!  Recycle!
I also cannot get away from paper towels. I really try to use my dish towels, but I don't know any other method  to clean cast iron skillets. We probably only use a roll once every two weeks or so, but I had a goal of being a paper towel free house. If anyone has a better way to clean cast iron I would LOVE to hear it. 

Do y'all have those one or two areas where you just can't go totally green? Please tell me I'm not the only one ruining our planet for future generations. 

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  1. I seriously have no idea how to cut out the paper towels!! When we run out and I forget to buy some from the store I go CRAZY not having any on hand!


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