Tuesday, May 15, 2012

DIY Ambition

So far my DIY's in the new house have mostly included sanding, priming and painting. However, my rampant success has given me the confidence to take on a harder project. 

Lane and I have been looking for a table for our bedroom. We don't need a dresser, just a long narrow table to sit against one wall. I want something to put my jewelry box on and a mirror. The closest approximation is that we want a sofa-table. They usually sit behind the couch for books or lamps. 

Long and narrow enough for a sofa table.
The one above is way more ornate than we want, but it is about the right shape. 

Pinned Image

I also think this one is gorgeous and sort of looks like our dining room table. 

sofa table tute

The above link has a great tutorial for building that sofa table. I am considering doing that one, but without the shelves. I just love the trim on the sides. 

So do you think I am crazy? We haven't found anything we like that wasn't outrageously expensive. I have another few weeks before work starts and this would be such a fun project. 


  1. Are you a thrifter? I found a great sofa table for our foyer at a furniture refinishing shop that was going out of business. Craigslist is an awesome place to find some unique pieces too. :)

  2. I love the thin table appearance... looks super CLEAN in any room. We were on the hunt for one just like the one you have pictured in 2nd pic for my desk, but weren't successful. We checked Ikea, Target, and TJ Maxx.. no luck! Let me know where you make your final purchase ;)

  3. i think a project like that is a must!! some extra storage and plus it will make your place look really cute. do it!


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