Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Happy Wednesday

Well hello Wednesday. I am happy to be linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple and Jamie at This Kind of Love for our favorite Wednesday link-ups. However, first I have to say congratulations to my wonderful husband. Today is the one year anniversary of his graduation from VMI. It was such an emotional weekend, and I loved being present for every minute of it.

Yay for getting his diploma. Which still needs to get framed. 

That stupid pin was so hard to get through his hat. 
So this week:

I am Loving Zumba. I went once years ago and didn't really like it. However, one of my new friends here convinced me to try it last week. I went twice and plan to go again tonight and tomorrow. It is really fun, and a good compliment to the heavy lifting I do during my normal workouts.

I am Loving the season finale of Once Upon a Time. I got totally sucked into this show, and actually loved how the ended the season. I am not really sure how they will continue it into season two, but I will definitely be watching.


I am Loving yet another T.V show; Sherlock on PBS. If you aren't watching this show, leave my blog immediately, go to PBS and watch it. The writing is so brilliant, and the acting is incredible. I am a pretty big Sherlock Holmes fan and love the modern interpretation of the classic stories.

I am Loving my wonderful husband. I have been really grumpy this past week and he was wonderful. He builds me up so much, and provides unconditional support.

And now on to my favorite pins from this week. I know I usually do a theme for these lovely things, but today is just a random collection of what I have loved this week.

Oh I have needed to hear this.

oh god pass the tissues
Molly's Lovely Board on Pinterest
Oh be still my heart. 

Somehow we have never managed to buy bowls. Crate and Barrel discontinued the ones from our registry, and we never got around to choosing new ones. We don't eat cereal or typical bowl-centered food so we have gotten by with one bowl. I think on my next trip to Syracuse I will stop at Anthropologie and pick up some of these.

I love this picture. Sometimes the most romantic moments are the normal weeknights hanging out in the kitchen. 

After I got my first tattoo everyone told me I would be craving another one immediately. While this was definitely true for Lane ( he is increasingly covered) I haven't had the urge. However, recently I have been looking at calligraphy tattoos. This picture is so gorgeous and may give me the slight urge for another. 

I almost never do my hair. It is either down, in a pony-tail or in a bun. This looks really easy and I may give it a shot tomorrow. My daily afternoon workouts don't really facilitate nice hair.

Oh my lord how gorgeous is she. I am obsessed with this dress and just her in general.

pretty much
Molly's Lovely Board on Pinterest
For Lane

love this little corner and I want to make that sign
Molly's Great Styling Board on Pinterest
I love this set up. The pops of green and the LOVE sign are gorgeous. I have been investigating houseplants, and hope to get a bunch for the house in the next few weeks.

I love this, but 200 dollars for a pillow is insane.
Molly's New House Board on Pinterest
I love this, but there is no way I am paying that much for a pillow. I think once I get a sewing machine (and master making pillow cases), I will make one with a neutral fabric and use a fabric sharpie to write a song or poem.

Molly's Things to Remember Board
Oh man Pinterest knew what I needed this week. I love this quote and the sentiment has been rolling around my head for the past few weeks.

I hope that everyone is finding wonderful things on Pinterest and just having a wonderful week in general.


  1. Your happiness is contagious! Love your pins!

  2. man i LOVEEEE sherlock holmes on masterpiece theater :) i thought i was the only "young" person too lol

    i adore kate middleton,if i could dress just like her that would be awesome!

    love your blog!

  3. Please don't get me started on Kate Middleton's dress! Holy Moly that dress is a little piece of heaven. Too exquisite, too chic, too beautiful! x

  4. Love your pins! Kate is just too gorgeous!

  5. Can I just come LIVE with you? You must have the CUTEST house!


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