Saturday, May 12, 2012

Relaxing Saturday/ Easiest DIY Ever

Oh I am so glad it is the weekend. My whole week is essentially the weekend till my job starts, but Lane has been absurdly busy this week, getting home after 8 most days. This morning is going to be nothing but good food and Star Wars Return of the Jedi. On Friday I prepped everything for paleo pancakes and quiche. I am going to throw some chocolate chips and banana into the pancakes and probably break out our favorite wedding present.
Star Wars pancakes! :) One of my favorite wedding gifts
My version NEVER looks as good as those, but you can generally get the idea. I am not nearly as big into Star Wars as Lane, but I still love the original three. 

I wanted to share what I spent twenty minutes doing last night while re-watching Season 2 of Doctor Who. I went to Walmart to get magnets, and this was the only size they currently had.

Yeah I didn't really need 52 magnets, but I was ready to be done shopping so I grabbed them. Last night inspiration struck to make these: 

Scrabble magnets. I have bunches of tiles left over from wedding crafts and was able to spell out a few Kitchen related words. I simply hot glued the magnet to the back of the tile. 


I think our fridge looks a little happier, and I can always make more if the mood strikes. 


  1. my husband and i LOVE Stars Wars! the original 3 are definitely the best :)

  2. Those magnets are great :) Definitely a DIY to do in the future!


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