Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Oh How Pinteresting

Happy Wednesday to all! The weather has been so wonderful this week, and I have been soaking it up. I am always excited for Wednesday's link-ups because there are such great Pinterest finds. 

Firstly, I am linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I Am Loving Wednesday. 

This week I Am Loving my new framed chalkboard. I am so happy with how it turned out. I went ahead and redid the letters with a stencil and it looks much better. It was the perfect DIY project, not too difficult and not too time consuming.

I Am Loving that our couch will be delivered today. I can't wait to stretch out on our new gorgeous leather couch. We are slowly but surely checking items off our to-buy list. I think a couch is such a central piece of furniture. It is where you sit with friends and lounge with your husband.

I Am Loving that Lane has a long weekend for Memorial Day. I can't wait to spend time together and enjoy the gorgeous weather.

I Am Loving the Lord of The Rings nerd-fest I have been enjoying this week. I put on one of the special features disks while I am cleaning or working on a project.

I Am Loving that my unemployment ends two weeks from yesterday. I will start training in the advising office, and start actually working a week later. I can't wait to break out my office clothes which have been languishing in a plastic bin for almost a year.

It wouldn't be Wednesday without linking up with Michelle at The Vintage Apple
Today's theme is "Things That Make You Smile" I am very happy this week, and hope that some of these pins will put a smile on your face. 

From Molly's Favorite Stuff Board
That little face is so cute.
I think my house needs a pink chair
From Molly's New House Board
I really love this chair. Our house has so much blue that I am starting to look for ways to add more bright colors. If I can find a chair like this I am absolutely going for a bright color. 

Pinned Image
From Molly's Lovely Board
This makes me cry and laugh simultaneously. I love their identical faces. 

finally home
From Molly's Lovely Board
I am loving the homecoming pictures today. I spent about thirty minutes scrolling through homecoming tumblr's last and was in tears by the end of it. 

This would such a cute Mother's or Father's Day Present. 

I hope some of these made you smile. Happy Wednesday! 


  1. I love that adorable babies face! It's like he knew that was his daddy!

  2. Love that thumbprint pic - so creative!

  3. That thumbprint pic is too cute!

  4. oh my goodness gracious! how pathetic of me that just looking at the army pics makes tears come to my eyes! :) I love it!!!! So precious! It is silly but my bf has only been gone 4 days & I already miss him :) Very cute pins!!! New follower!

  5. Totally digging that chair!! Love the pink and the printed seat cover!! Another to do??

    Congrats on almost getting your couch! Can't wait to see it ;)


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