Thursday, May 10, 2012

New House Styling

As we get everything unpacked, I have been trying to put the finishing touches on different areas of the house. I really like how some of them have turned out, and others will probably get changed four or five more times. 

This is our tea prep area. It is right next to the electric kettle and gets used constantly. I love having everything in one place.

Here are the teas we have on the tray right now. They are all from a tea place in Sackets Harbor. The Moroccan Mint is my favorite and Lane loves the Bonfire Tea. 

I have basil and cilantro in mason jars in the window. 

 The LOVE mugs have moved around a lot, but there new home in on a small table by the garage door. We needed something to hold keys, sun glasses etc. They usually just get dumped on the counter, but I am hoping this will be a better solution. 

I am hoping these will work. One has his and her Ray Bans, the others have keys, cell phones and the ever present sunscreen. 

All right this is my first attempt at replicating the pin from yesterday. 

And the inspiration: 

I have that same Chanel book and an antler, may have to replicate

The candle isn't there any more, but I like it so far. I need another coffee table book for the stack. Right now it is the same Chanel book and the book we made of our engagement pictures. I bought a Groupon for three more blurb books, and I think they might all go in the same stack. 

As I have been styling different areas, I consider what I would do if I saw a picture of it on Pinterest. If I wouldn't pin my own house, then clearly I haven't hit the mark yet. Is that ridiculous? I have been moving stuff around constantly, and don't see an end in sight. 


  1. i have one of the mugs with a G! love it!

  2. Ohh I love the tea station and the herbs! I also have one of those mugs...they are great!

  3. I loveeee your tea kettle and the station you set up for the tea. Totes adorbs girlie! You rock with your decor skills... looks might fine thus far!!

  4. I have a G mug as well. And confession time, I'M OBSESSED WITH THIS ENTIRE POST!!!!!
    You have the best style!


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