Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Election Day

To all my American readers, Happy Election Day!
As a political science teacher, this is basically my version of Christmas. I plan to stay up until the wee hours of the morning, obsessing over every exit poll and generally driving my husband crazy. I normally try to avoid  talking extensively about political stuff with him, but I get a free pass on Election Day. 

work it, girl!
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This link will help you find your polling place if you have any questions. Both of the campaigns have election lawyers, so if you ever feel like you were prevented from voting get in touch with them. Here is another source for legal help concerning any problems with voting. There have been so many crazy lawsuits surrounding voting, make sure you demand your right to vote. Even if you don't have the right I.D, you can usually still fill out a provisional ballet. I know there are plenty of misinformation attempts going on. I heard about a robo-call going out in Virginia that was telling people to vote on Thursday. Don't let stupid political games get in way of exercising your right to vote. 

I really believe that voting is the gateway to more civic engagement. I sincerely hope that as many of my lovely readers as possible will get out and vote. I am not even going to mention my own political beliefs, I just want people to understand the wonderful privilege we have in open, free elections. 


  1. Like you, I think voting is so so so important. And I get all jazzed for election day. (I'm sick of all the politicking, but I still like election day.)

    The big bummer for me is the time difference! Germany is 6 hours ahead of east coast US time. That means that our usual bed time (9 pm) is only 3 pm in the States. I'd have to stay up really late to watch all the numbers roll in. So I'll probably just have to wait until tomorrow to find out who won. Not nearly as much fun.*

  2. Looks like our posts are on the same track of mind... ELECTION DAY!!! Love that you provided the link for further info about voting... and I thought the same thing about NOT mentioning my own thoughts on who I want to win!

    Have a grea Tuesday my friend!


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