Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Very Paleo Thanksgiving

We have started to think about our Thanksgiving menu. We will be at my in-law's house, but I want to make sure that we are contributing to the meal.

Picture From A Couple Cooks
My recipe is a little different, but their's looks very tasty 
1. Roasted Root Vegetables
This is one of my seasonal favorites. Just cut up sweet potato, carrots, sweet onion, parsnips, and red apple with the peel still on. Coat in olive oil and season with rosemary and sage. I usually roast them at 300 for about two hours. I stir them ever 45 minutes or so.

2. Paleo Cheese Cake
Lane made this recipe a few months ago. It is one of the tastiest paleo desserts I have ever had. I adore cheesecake, and the fact that the only added sugar is honey makes it even better.

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From my go-to paleo website Food Lovers Kitchen
3. Mashed Parsnips
I made these to go with some short ribs last week. They are delicious, but kind of a pain to make. I highly recommend this recipe for anyone not going strict paleo. I modified it slightly for my version. I roasted the parsnips instead of boiling them, but would probably do both next time. I am thinking that I will boil them until half way done, and then roast them till soft all the way through. The roasting gets such awesome flavor that I hate to give it up all the way. 

Thanksgiving is one of the easiest meals to make paleo-friendly. However, I do miss the wonderful tastiness that is Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. 

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