Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What A Wonderful Wednesday

Hello blogging world. I am linking-up with Jaime at This Kind of Love for What I Am Loving Wednesday. 

1. I taught my first college class last night. It was definitely a little bit scary, but I am fairly positive that I pulled it off ok. The class is 3 hours long, which is a very long time to keep the attention of 18 20-somethings. The above picture is what I wore my first day of teaching. I also added a blue blazer since it was actually a little cold last night. 

2. All of the love from my friends and family yesterday. I got so many texts with good luck wishes. People are so sweet and I appreciated every single one of them. 

3. The two days I had with Lane. He returned from training at 3:00 AM on Friday and had to fly out at 5:00 AM on Sunday. Having only those two days made us really focus on each other. I barely turned on my phone and left my computer off almost the whole time. He was so sweet with Asha and I could tell she missed him. 

4. Starbucks flirting. 

5. My chalkboard message for fall. My handwriting isn't great, but I am making a conscious effort to focus more on everything I have to be grateful for. I wrote down grateful lists while Lane was gone for the month, and think that it helped me stay positive and focused. 

What are y'all loving this Wednesday?

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  1. I'm glad to hear the first class went well! When it comes to teaching, the best advice I have ever gotten is to fake it until you make it. As long as you act like you know what's up, your students will follow suit. And great first-day ensemble!*


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