Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Mirror

I have been looking for hooks for my kitchen for a while. I can't hang dish towels from the fridge or oven handle without Asha pulling them down and using them for chew toys. I found some at Lowes that I loved, and planned on going back to get them. However, earlier this week I found this gorgeous framed mirror with two hooks for $5.00 at the on post thrift store. The hooks would have been more than that for two, and I knew it would be gorgeous with a quick coat of paint.

I removed the hooks and gave them a coat of gold spray paint to brighten them up. I used paper and tape to cover the mirror while I sanded down the frame. I used cherry red Krylon spray paint in several coats. I am a terrible spray painter, and had to do a couple extra coats to fix the giant blobs. 
This was probably a ten minute DIY project. Longer if you count waiting for the spray paint to dry in between coats, but all the work was less than ten minutes total. I like how it turned out. I already have two towels up there so you can't really see that the hooks are gold, but they look better than the dull color they were before.

My kitchen is finally getting put together. I am excited to finish a couple more projects before Lane gets back. 

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