Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Oh How Time Flies

Luckily for me, the last week has seemed to fly by. Lane getting his phone back on Friday made the weekend much more bearable. Not talking is so much harder than just not seeing him. October has really gone by in a blur, and I completely missed the one year anniversary of Lane leaving for Ranger School. One of my very first posts was about my experience with Ranger School, and it is still my most viewed post in almost nine months of blogging. I can still remember dropping Lane off at the Camp Rogers parking lot and trying not to cry as I pulled away. I was able to hold it together until I got home. 

See you in 63 Days 
Ranger School was definitely one of the more challenging Army experiences we have gone through. With the upcoming deployment this will probably change, but for now I am still glad this particular training is behind us. One year later, I am still outrageously proud of him for graduating Ranger School ( with 0 recycles).

Lane jokes all the time that if he had to go through Ranger School again to keep his tab he would just give it back. Is is such a challenging school, and absolutely tests both soldiers and their families. I know I have mentioned this in other posts, but I am still happy to answer questions or just talk about my experience. I have definitely gotten a few e-mails based on these posts, and I absolutely love trying to answer questions and provide advice. 


  1. I went back and read your Ranger post. So much information! I don't see Ranger School in our near future, but my husband (probably like most soldiers) would love the opportunity to one day take a stab at it. Props to your hubby for making it through. And major props to you for how wonderfully you supported him during that time!*

  2. I know you're doing great girlie... one day at a time. And so glad to see your pup has been keeping you busy through your Instagram pics!

    xo, Bev

  3. woohoo! 0 recycles is definitely something to be proud of!


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