Thursday, October 25, 2012

Friday And I'm In Love

Happy Friday to all of my wonderful readers. I have had my most popular week in terms of views this week, but actually lost a follower. I feel simultaneously popular and unloved. I am linking up with Ashley at Adventures of Newlyweds  for Friday Letters. Here are some of my letters this week:

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Dear Teaching
I think we are going to be friends. My first class was definitely a challenge, but last night rocked. I felt prepared, my students were engaged, and it was just awesome. If teaching can feel like this even half the time, I will be a happy camper. Class went so well I was practically on a high when I walked out of the class room. 

Dear North Country Weather
Thank you so much for the warmer days, but we can do something about the rain on the weekends? Seriously, it has rained for the past four weekends. I want to enjoy all the Halloween events this weekend. There are hayrides and haunted houses planned which don't mix well with rain. 

Dear Army
You've had my husband for quite a while now. I would like him back please.

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Not Asha, but oh my goodness the cuteness
Dear Asha
You are such a crazy face when you don't get enough exercise. I can't always take you to the dog park for two hours every day. I am looking forward to you getting older and calming down a little bit. You really did not enjoy the 80 degree day on Thursday. We went to the dog park early, and you were smoked. Poor furry baby really doesn't like the heat. 

Dear Army wife friends
 Oh my goodness, y'all rock my world. 

This week was a happy, busy, crazy week. I am so excited to charge into next week. My sweet husband returns, I have some fun blogs planned, and it will be Halloween! 


  1. I'm glad to hear that teaching is going well! Seems like a perfect fit for you!

    My dog used to have crazy energy, too. He's 6 now and much more mellow. And of course, I long for the days when he was a ball of energy! Ha!*

  2. Glad you're enjoying teaching so much- It is definitely a gift that certain people have! I could never teach anyone, anything. haha I get frustrated too easily and a wee bit nervous in front of a group. ;)

    Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  3. The teaching would be pretty daunting but with practice Im sure youll handle the class with ease :) Hope you have a fab weekend x


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