Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Halloween Ideas

I really did mean to blog on Monday. However, the morning rolled around and I just couldn't get myself out of bed early enough to get something up. This week is already getting the best of me, and I have four days left. 

My first class is tonight! I can't believe that I will be teaching almost 20 students, some of whom will probably be older than me. I am really excited and feel as prepared as possible.I am thinking about taking another "first day of school picture". I think it would be cute to have one for my first day as a teacher.  

I will be volunteering with my FRG Saturday night at the haunted hotel sponsored by our brigade. They want us to dress up, but I really care much more about being warm. I am thinking about doing a sort of Medusa thing. I saw this picture on Martha Stewart's website. It would be super easy to get some rubber snakes and do something like this. 
I feel like it is halloween-ie enough without being a complete costume. I am still trying to think of ideas for Lane and I to wear while handing out candy on Wednesday. He doesn't get back till Tuesday night, so I want to try to think of something easy and quick to put together.

Wall-e and Eve
I am in love with this Wall-E and Eve costume set, but don't have nearly enough time to pull it together. Do y'all have any suggestions for cute couple themed Halloween costumes? 

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