Sunday, October 21, 2012

Short But Sweet

Lane returned Thursday night (yay!). His flight landed around 11:30 but he had to stay in squadron until much much later getting all of the equipment from NTC sorted. I tried to sleep a little bit, but I was just too excited to see him. Once he got home we threw in a load of laundry (most disgusting aspect of being married to a soldier) and hit the hay. It was about 3:00 AM at this point and I was ready to crash. We spent Saturday mostly curled up on the couch watching Netflix, but we did venture out to Starbucks for a reading and coffee date. 
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This has always been our preferred date. Even in high school we would bring books to the local coffee shop and read together. When we were long distance, we would sometimes do long distance reading dates. We would read the same book and chat about it over text or AIM. Oh yes, AOL Instant messenger has been one of the greatest assets to our relationship. 
Now for the not so great news. Lane found out on Thursday that he had to head almost immediately to another training. So this morning at around 5:00 AM I dropped him off yet again. This one is only a little more than a week, and we will be able to have phone contact the entire time. I was definitely a little bummed when he told me, but I have been trying to look on the bright side. 

We are able to talk.
 It is only a week(ish)
If he didn't go now he would probably have to go in November or even closer to deployment. 
He will have loads of free time and be able to work on his language training. 

I know that this is part of the deal with the Army. We are very small parts of a very big machine. I am feeling pretty good about the week ahead, and it will be crazy busy. It was almost a good thing we only had two days together. We spent virtually ever minute together, and were able to focus on the short time that we did have. I should be back to regular blogging this week and lots of exciting things are happening. I teach my first class on Tuesday and there is an FRG pumpkin carving event on Thursday. 


  1. Hey! This may sound totally odd, but I had received an email from someone who found me on instagram. They were asking about homecoming photos. Was it by chance you? - Bethany Payne Photography

  2. Hey there darlin! Your two days sound SO perfect. i'm glad you were able to really soak in the time together before he had to head for more training. Praise God he's able to talk this time! Your next few months are in my prayers! xo

  3. What a bummer that after Lane returned, he had to leave again. I'm sure you were disappointed, but it sounds like you are taking it in stride. Keep on keeping on, Girl!*


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