Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not So Strong Today

Lane was supposed to return today, but due to the storm his flight was cancelled. Now, I completely understand that these things happen. However, they could have easily flown out earlier and avoided the storm. Whose call this would have been is a mystery. I try to always be really positive and upbeat. I want Lane to feel that he doesn't ever have to worry about me. Not so much today. Today I just want my husband home. I don't want to hand out candy by myself tomorrow night. I just want to stamp my feet and throw a fit until he is home. Clearly this will accomplish nothing, but I am just so frustrated. When he is gone and there is a point, like at NTC or deployment, I can rationalize his absence and at least try to stay positive. When there is absolutely no good reason for him not to be home, I can't have the same perspective. 

Not the happiest blog/blogger today. 


  1. I'm sorry love :( I can't say I have a hubs who is away on active duty in the military, but what I can say is I have a hubs that travels frequently for work.. and yes, it is frustrating when things don't happen as you thought or planned... BUT things happen for a reason. It's for the best in their safety to wait it out, and a blessing that they wait b/c it must be bad to not have departed.

    Think of all the happy kiddos you'll be seeing when you pass out candy tomorrow night... it might be just what you need to put a smile on your face! He'll be home in no time ;)

  2. This SUCKS. Ugh. I'm sorry his flight was delayed. :( I think you need to open whatever candy you got to hand out tomorrow and start sampling. God forbid you poison some little kid. Plus I happen to think that chocolate is the cure-all for everything. I think there are endorphins or magic or something in there. I'm clearly no scientist so I apologize for not being able to explain the health benefits of chocolate better. I wish you lived here so you could hand out candy with us! Do you have my cell #? Text me if you're feeling down! I tend to be up, like, all the time! ;)

  3. I just want to send you a big hug and tell you that it's okay to let it all hang out. You don't always have to be strong, you don't always have to be okay. I find that when I blog about how crappy I feel, it usually helps to make me feel better.

    And it sucks. It sucks that he's away and delayed while you are dealing with all that's on your plate. And I know this time leading up to deployment is precious. It just sucks that time together has been taken away from you both. I hope that they get him home fast fast fast and back into your arms.*


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