Thursday, October 25, 2012

Framed Wedding Vows

One of my NTC projects was to re-frame our original wedding vows in our bedroom. This is how it turned out. 

I love waking up every day and getting a reminder of what we pledged to one another. The frames are (clockwise from the top) a calligraphy Lane made of our names and wedding date, my vows, the love letter in which Lane proposed, anther love note, and Lane's vows. 
Eventually I may make a pretty version of our vows, but I like seeing the originals. It has the lines we crossed out, and all our changes. 

Has anyone else framed their vows? I think it is a really sweet way to stay committed and connected to your marriage. 


  1. Yes, our handwritten vows are framed and on a display shelf in our front room along with the glass that my husband broke at the end of our wedding ceremony. I agree that it's a beautiful way to keep your marriage in the forefront of your mind. And I really love that you framed a few other things to make a whole section of your wall filled up!*

  2. This is just so press!! Love how you framed the most important words you two shared together, and that you can see it each and every day!

  3. Love this! Great idea and so awesome to keep in the bedroom to see every time you wake up!



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