Monday, February 18, 2013

Happiness Check In

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A few weeks ago I wrote a post about Choosing Happiness. I loved reading your comments and also talking about this idea with friends and family. We hear all the time that we are in control of our happiness, and that our attitude is within our control. But these all talk about modifying our mood in response to an outside event. I  feel like this is too reactive. I want to do things that I know will make me happy, that don't depend on anyone else. Sure, I can wait and see what life brings; adjusting my attitude accordingly. But this doesn't allow me to really be in control of my own happiness. 
It is really important for everyone, but especially for those of us going through deployment to focus on the things that will bring joy into our lives. In particular those things that are in our control. If the only thing determining my happiness is if I can talk to my husband today, that is ceding control to forces outside of myself. 

I have a list of things that I know make me happy. I try to do at least two every day. Here are five of the items currently on rotation this week. 

`1. Raspberry Smoothies 
2. Online shopping for patio furniture. I love imagining the warm days I will spend outside reading and watching the dogs play. 
3. Sun salutations 
4. Reading old love letters 
5. Drinking tea and talking about babies with S. 

What are five things you can do this week to bring some more happiness into your life? 


  1. What a great approach! There are so many things out of our control (especially during a time like deployment), that it's easy to feel blue. I know that I felt that way a lot while Stephen was downrange. Being proactive is a great approach. I can't think of 5 (sad, right?) but three things that I can think of off the top of my head that make me really happy are reading, running, and cuddling Geronimo.

  2. ahhh, just reading your list made me happy! i should read old love letters more often, they are the best. let's see ... for me ... crossfit, donating to Goodwill (i love organizing/getting rid of things), drinking chai or hot cocoa, write encouraging notes to people and visit my grandma in the nursing home. ~Chelsea


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