Monday, January 28, 2013

Choose Happiness

After a week of below zero weather, Fort Drum has decided to bless us with slightly warmer temperatures. However, in the north country this is accompanied with serious amounts of snow. On the downside, the snow is horrible to drive in and a pain to shovel. On the upside, the bad weather caused my first two appointments to cancel today. I've never blogged at work before, but am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  

take charge
This has been my mantra since Lane left. If I depend on talking to him or getting an e-mail from him to be happy, I am up control over my own happiness. Of course, talking to my deployed husband makes me happy in a way that nothing else can. However, it is vitally important that I find other ways to choose happiness for myself. So here is a list of things I am choosing this week to make me happy. 

1. Planning a Valentine's Day Party for all the women with deployed spouses. I have had a blast buying fun decorations and items for the photo booth. 

2. 30 Rock. 
This will forever be known as the show that got me through the first part of deployment. I have watched five seasons in two weeks. No big deal. In my defense, when it is below zero for four days straight, leaving the house does not sound appealing. 

3. Going to the gym. 
I know that I need to set this habit now. Working out was always something Lane and I did together. Figuring out how I will schedule it now that I am solo has been a bit of a challenge. I feel so much better post workout, that I am trying to make a real effort to drag my booty there four to five days a week. 

4. Going to the library. 
There is something so soothing about walking through shelves of books. Even if I only check out one book, I love looking at all the possibilities. 

How are y'all choosing happiness this week? 


  1. That's great to keep yourself busy, hopefully the deployment will go by faster for you! Love the idea of the V-day party, I'm sure it will be tons of fun!

  2. The idea of a Valentine's Day party for those with deployed spouses sounds genius! I bet y'all will have a fun time, and I'm hoping you blog about it as I'm sure it'll be really cute! When Stephen was down range, I had a friend invite me to an Oscar watching party. That was a fun day.

    I like your attitude. This week, I'm choosing to be happy by getting out of the house every day this week. I'm hoping to explore more on post and in town. I may even hit up the movies solo. Just cause my guy is off a training doesn't mean that I can't enjoy myself, right?*

  3. i swear i think the best meditation for anger, sadness, and everything else is working out! i get so much frustration out and feel so good after it's done!!!

    keep yourself busy and i can't wait to see what types of things you do with decor at your valentine's day parlayyyyy!

  4. Love the positiveness of this post! Hope you stay warm this weekend! (I'm from southern NY - NYC!)


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