Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deployment Week Five

I couldn't be more thrilled that March is around the corner. I am ready for warmer weather and to put January as far as possible in my rear view mirror. This week was really good. I had a weird schedule because there was no class on Tuesday and I took Wednesday off from work. This threw off my routine, but it also made the week fly by. 
The self defense class was wonderful, and I had a great experience learning to kick some booty. I was feeling positive and strong virtually all week. Then I decided to watch Game of Thrones. Now, a sex and violence HBO show is not necessarily the most romantic thing on the planet. But Game of Thrones is a Molly+Lane thing. Watching it without him felt weird to begin with. Then there was a wedding in the show and I just kinda lost it. I started to think about how much time still has to pass before homecoming is even on my radar. I let myself get sad and overwhelmed. I felt ridiculous that something like a TV show could throw me like that. It passed and I am back to my motivated happy self today. I am focusing on hitting the two months mark, and the 15% mark on my donut of misery. Keeping a short term view is much healthier, and allows me small manageable goals on which to focus. 
It is truly remarkable how fast you can go from feeling positive and strong to totally falling apart. I knew there would be hard times throughout deployment, but I didn't realize how quickly my mood could change.  I am back to focusing on happiness and gratitude. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful that the extra money associated with deployment has allowed us to make tremendous progress with our financial goals. 
We both have student loans, and we have a goal of paying off $20,000 of debt during this deployment. We are already a quarter of the way there and barely a month in. The money has also allowed me to get some serious progress made on house projects. March is all about framing. We have diplomas and art work that has been sitting around for years. I want to have it all finished by the time April rolls around. 

2. Old Navy clearance section. 
I have been searching for an emerald cardigan for months and finally found a great one in Old Navy's clearance section. I love finding that elusive item you have been hoping to add to your closet. The rock bottom price was even better. 

3. Great books. 
I checked out Gone Girl and finished it within a day. I was reading at Starbucks and over two hours passed before I even noticed the time. I absolutely love books than can do that. You feel like you are surfacing from deep water once you stop reading. It was a wonderful escape. I am going to find all of her other books and read them immediately. The story is so very twisted, but I was completely sucked in from the first chapter. 

4. Sweet Words 
I am constantly amazed as Lane's ability to make me feel loved and cherished over internet chat. I can't even hear his voice, and yet he is able to convey his love with perfect clarity. This has been the greatest blessing over the years. We have spent a cumulative of two years in different countries (not counting our current separation). Whether it is actual hand written love letters or just a quick instant message, that boy is good with words. 

5. Short lines at the post office. 
I love mailing off care packages. However, I hate waiting in line at the post office. I have discovered that Saturday mornings are the ideal time to go. S and I have started a weekly routine of GPOT; Gym, Post Office, Town. We send off our care packages, get in a good work out and then head into town for whatever errands we have.

DIY-Ing It Through Deployment
Ha, I actually have something to write this week. I got my canvas and absolutely love it. 

I decided to hang it in our stair case instead of in the kitchen. I moved it around a few times, but I absolutely love where it is now. The size is perfect for that wall. I love that it is still a wedding picture without screaming bride and groom. The focus is the gorgeous North Georgia fall colors.  

I also took my Georgetown diploma to Michael's to get framed. I am taking another huge load next week and can't wait to make some serious progress on my "to-be-framed" pile.

Happy Picture 

This picture is from years ago. We went back to St. Andrews in Scotland to visit some friends who were still there. We went on a picnic and our friend snapped this picture while we were spinning around on the Merry-Go-Round. We had such a wonderful visit. I can't wait to make it back to Scotland again. 

Bring it on week six! 

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  1. Gone Girl was CRAZY! I couldn't put it down until I was finished either. What an ending though, ugh! ~Chelsea


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