Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Time Jeep Made Me Cry

I'm sure tons of y'all watched the Super Bowl and saw this ad. 

I was watching with three other army spouses, all of us with deployed spouses. With the very first screen all of us froze and stared at the T.V. I was crying less than ten seconds in. I have watched it a few more time, and still get a little teary. I think it is pretty accurate for how many of us feel. Life is carrying on, but there is an enduring sense that something is missing. I love that it actually shows the reality of a deployment. So many deployments are characterized by just a few steps. 1) He leaves 2) You cry on the couch and eat cookie dough 3) He comes back and there are dramatic pictures of you jumping into his arms. 
The actually pulling yourself together and carrying on isn't glamorous. It doesn't make for whiny Facebook posts or Instagram pictures. It is slow and steady. It allows that you will be happy while he is gone. Lane hasn't been gone that long, and I have a long time to go before I get my dramatic reunion. But I know that so much will happen in between. I appreciate this ad for that reason alone. 

What did y'all think of the ad? 


  1. I loved the commercial, but it was very emotional!

  2. loved it! my husband and I watched the commercials the next day (the game was on at midnight here and we didn't stay up for it). I have to admit...he totally cried. To the point where he had to get himself a tissue. I think, since he just got back from a deployment and with the baby on the way, it just hit him pretty hard. Way to go Jeep and USO!

  3. I loved this ad and I do feel that it is very accurate too. It was one of the ads that definitely made me tear up, along with that horse ad too.

  4. VERY touching!!! I haven't seen this commercial, so thank you for posting it! I can see what you mean... it really shows the "inbetweens" of deployment.

    Thinking of you sweet friend! xo, Bev

  5. I'm a new follower, sent you an e-mail introducing myself! Love that commercial - totally made me cry too!

  6. Yeah, you know I cried, and I'm totally contemplating watching it again because I had a hard time seeing most of it through my tear-blurred eyes. ;)

  7. Loved it! Also kinda the least the Super Bowl can do - I think members of the military should make wayyyy more than football players, but hey. -Chelsea


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