Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ladies Self Defense Class

Not from the class. I am just proud of my almost handstand 
Yesterday ACS held a Ladies Self Defense class at one of the on post gyms. I was really excited to go, and ended up having a great time. There is a Sergeant on post who also works at the local martial arts studio. He came and taught about twenty women different moves to get away from an attacker. It was a really good work-out, and also taught many useful skills. We went over what to do if someone grabs your arm, tries to choke you, or has you pinned on your back. 
He was extremely respectful, but would actually come up and legitimately try to grab you. This made me feel like what I was learning was actually useful. I was paired up with a good friend, so we went after each other pretty aggressively. I feel much more prepared for living by myself or just being comfortable walking to my car at night. Any Fort Drum ladies, they are going to hold another class in a few months at Adkins. For those of y'all in other cities, I would highly recommend finding a jiu jitsu class or other self defense class. 

Anyone else like Jiu Jitsu or other forms of martial arts? The one in Watertown does a 15 week self-defense program that I am thinking about signing up for. 


  1. I totes wanna take one of these classes soon!! Glad to hear you were paired with someone you already knew so you didn't have to hold back!!

    You look like one strong cookie in that hand stand girl!!

  2. I've definitely wanted to take one of these! I feel like it would definitely be a good idea.

    So jealous of your hand stand btw. I could never do that!

  3. So now I'm hoping you will blog about a comprehensive plan to get people like me (read: people with arm muscles only built to carry chubby babies) into shape enough to do a handstand like you. It could be like C25K, but for handstands. ;)

  4. So...I took a self-defense class in college and the girl i was partnered with did a move wrong (or right, I suppose), and ended up tearing my ACL. I had to have surgery on it a couple weeks later. The instructor heard the pop all the way across the room!

    I've been weary about taking another class ever since then.

  5. I took a self defense class with my mom and sister and I'm so glad I did. I don't remember all of it, but what I do remember is helpful!
    I carry pepper spray with me and that makes me feel safer when I'm out at night. Can't forget the two metal bats I have around the house! ;) Thankfully I haven't had to use them, but I bet I would do some damage!


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